SEO Essentials

While IPS 4.7 is already quite optimized, some people like me need more, MUCH MUCH more and that's where SEO Essentials comes to place.

SEO Essentials is a powerful tool collection for IPS 4.7 to make sure that your community ranks better. This application will give you a great overview of topics and IP Pages Records, which could/should be optimized based on the title length ( to avoid that google changes the SERP title), it will give you a great overview of the content from a specific topic, it allows you to flag content which isn't worth to be indexed so that Google & Co know that they shouldn't index it.

  • Get an overview of all your topics, their visibility and important parameters like the Page Title Length.

  • Google Search Console Integration

  • See Headline Hierarchy of any page

  • Another feature of this application is that moderators can flag topics which aren't worth to be indexed, so that google knows that it doesn't need to index it at all! Once the topic was flagged, a no index tag will be added and it will also be automatically excluded from the sitemap!

  • The same is possible for IP Pages! Any page can be flagged as not to index within the ACP-Page Manager.

  • Optional : set OG:Image & Twitter image/metadata

  • Log 404 errors ( Any page which returns 404 can be logged. It's important to know about the 404 pages, especially if they're coming up a lot!

  • The application will also log the URLs from where the visitor is coming from.

  • Health Check - Check the IPS settings and see adjustment hints

  • Content Replacement - Replace words & phrases from UGC with affiliate links, other words ( SEO), internal linking..

  • REST API & Webhook Support.

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